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Nature and technology

A protein unlike any other

Our proteins are made primarily from the goodness of nature. We have developed the production technique in such a way as to convey the best of natural grains in the form of convenient food intermediates.

The raw material used in production, is the oil cake obtained as a by-product after pressing oil from oilseeds, in particular from the seeds of hemp (Cannabis sativa L. var. sativa). In its original form, it is an inferior material in terms of visual appeal, but a very attractive product in terms of nutrients, taste and ease of preparing varied meals from it.


Protein content: 25-29%

Hemp cake

Protein content: 30-32%

Protein isolate

Protein content: 70-90%


Sustainable development

Green Lanes Proteins is advancing the UN’s sustainable development goals by using in production raw materials extracted from plants with high environmental impact and significant nutritional value, but often treated as waste in other food industries. Through innovative technology, the Company transforms unattractive products into highly desirable and highly concentrated protein isolates to directly impact the development of a sustainable closed loop economy.

Our production fits in with as many as 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals:


Technology facilities

As a result of intensive work by the R&D team, we have developed a process that includes extraction and proprietary technologies for the concentration and isolation of protein extracted from the cake.