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What do we do?

We create technologies to extract and concentrate the protein contained in the post-production waste of other food industries and make it more attractive and easier to process into other food products.

In addition, we are conducting a number of R&D activities to improve as well as create new products based on plant protein isolate and concentrate.

We support indirectly and directly:

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • The fight against global warming
  • Development of vegan and vegetarian products
  • Protection of forests and animal rights

Who are we?

At Green Lanes Proteins Ltd. we bring together food enthusiasts who are aware of the nutritional problems in society, as well as the socio-environmental problems caused by unsustainable production. We believe that our contribution to rational resource management will have a real impact on the great ecological revolution in the economy.

Green Lanes Proteins Ltd. is part of Green Lanes group, supporting and developing projects with high social and environmental impact. 

Our team

Jakub Wójcik

Technology developer. Has eight years of experience in implementing laboratory technologies in the fields of agriculture, human, animal and plant molecular biology. He carried out a project in the development of new molecular biology technologies entitled “Research and development work on the development of a new technology for combining amplicons with sequence reading of the obtained DNA fragment”. – ROP WL 2014-2020. Currently pursuing a project from the Sonata program (2018/31/D/NZ7/01350 – 508-3065-35-1350) Multi-target functionally selective ligands in the study of G-protein coupled receptor activity in cancer cells. PhD Student in Medical Sciences at the Medical University in Lublin.

Piotr Pietras

More than 8 years of experience in business building and project management (including R&D projects). During his career to date, he has managed the development of a portfolio of 18 R&D projects from the investment fund level (from pre-seed stage). Over the past 4 years, he has co-founded and developed investment vehicles on the Polish market and conducted investment processes for more than PLN 23 million. In addition, he obtained more than PLN 12 million in project development grants. In 2020, he served as an advisor to the Board of Directors of Skarbiec Investment Fund Company for innovative projects. Certified Manager: MoP, MoR, MoCh, ITIL, MoV, MSP, P30, Prince, VeriSM, Agile Business Analyst, Professional Scrum Master (I and II), LeanIT, ISTQB, Management 3.0).

dr Klaudia Klawa
Senior lab technician

Doctor of food science, graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Long-time practitioner of good laboratory and production practices, confirmed by auditor qualifications. She carried out projects in the field of food technology, dietary supplements and active substances in plants, among others:

Expand the list of projects
  • Evaluation of the extraction efficiency of selected hydrophilic and lipophilic systems for the isolation of essential oil components from hyssop and thyme.
  • Influence of physico-chemical factors on the content of active substances in peppermint and chaste extracts. 
  • Evaluation of the extraction efficiency of selected hydrophilic and lipophilic systems for the isolation of essential oil constituents from peppermint and grey purge
  • Global migration from plastics. 
  • Effect of lactic fermentation and enzymatic modification of proteins on milk allergenicity. 
  • Extraction of biologically active compounds from selected herbs. 
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative evaluation of essential oils. 
  • Effect of PEF on yeast viability. 
  • Effect of ultrasound on biologically active compounds in plants.

Olga Kramek
Junior lab technician

A student of management and production engineering at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. She developed her professional experience as a laboratory technician at a fruit and vegetable processing company. 

Alexander Lubański
Business partner

Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. Experienced manager, entrepreneur and investor with several years of experience. Participated in the creation of Europe’s largest network of business incubators, as well as several accelerator programs. Creator or co-founder of several Seed and Venture Capital funds. He co-founded one of the longest-established capital fund managers in Poland, where, among other things, he was responsible for the investment in HemPoland – the first private company in Poland to grow and process fiber hemp. He has worked for many years with numerous academic institutions, research centers and technology parks, and created a branch in Poland for a biotechnology company from the US, with a complete production facility, R&D laboratory and full certification.

Jacek Kramarz

A graduate of the Cracow University of Economics. He started his career as a stockbroker and developed in the strategic consulting industry. One of the pioneers of the hemp industry in Poland. Since 2015, he co-founded HemPoland-the first private company in Poland to grow and process hemp. As managing partner in business development, sales and marketing, he grew the company to 30 million PLN in revenue, building distribution in 17 countries. In 2018, he participated in the sale of HemPoland to a Canadian listed company.

Elected by a vote of the members to the Board of Directors of the European Industrial Hemp Association, the oldest and largest organization in the hemp industry in Europe, in 2019.


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